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We each have our favorite beer styles, but we want to brew what Midland likes. We plan to start out with some basics as we get to learn the equipment but we all love to experiment. We purchased the equipment from a brewery who makes some amazing NEIPA’s out in Rhode Island so we’d love to showcase some hazy IPA’s and even collaborate on some. We love us some sours too, so we’ll hopefully fit some into our rotation as well.

This is one of the things we do best

OK, real talk. Opening a brewery/distillery is hard work. There is no step by step instruction guide that says do X,Y, and Z in this order and you’ll be able to open the doors. We’ve had our fair share of hiccups and “learning moments” and throw in the pandemic and each of the partners having a second or third job and this road has been twice as long as we envisioned at the start. .Needless to say, we’re as frustrated as some of you are with our delays in opening but we remain committed. It’s small gestures like these glasses and the support and curiosity of our followers that keep us motivated. We hope we’ll be worth the wait!

Lets Talk Food

We love it. Plain and simple. There’s nothing better than some mouth watering grub while enjoying a great craft beer or cocktail. We’re experimenting with some recipes like this ham and egg waffle breakfast sandwich among others that we’ll be able to do with our limited kitchen. We want to know from you what food items would you love for us to have!?

What our clients say

Three Bridges Tap Distillery…. a long awaited and much anticipated unveil, bringing a bit of variety and entertainment to Downtown Midland.
“I was mildly impressed with all the decor, and it was some of the best food I have ever eaten.”
Anna Johnson
“I took my girlfriend here on our first date! An experience we will never forget.”
Eric Black
“I have tried my share of brews, and I gotta tell you this was one of the best.”
John Collins

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Our awesome team

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Latest news

Hey Midland – we know a lot of you have been asking for updates. We’ve been quiet as we haven’t wanted to over commit to anything until we hit some other key milestones in our journey. .Today we received our occupancy permit after a long process so we’re super excited to finally tick that box .We’re still in the process of getting our Michigan permit, which is the last thing we need to open the doors and what we need to be able to sell product. Unfortunately we have no real control over how long this can take other than making sure we have all our ducks in a row, so send some good vibes our way!
We’ve received a unanimous vote of approval from the city for our […]

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